We have a new addition to our range of VFD signs. A new case for the popular 7 line 16 character display which can be either desk or wall mounted. This replaces the now discontinued Welcome display as shown further down this page. Currently available in blue with a grey back to the case.


Above is the Totem VFD with a close up of the top of the display on the right. The display is 7 lines of 16 characters and each character is 15 mm high. As with all of our multiline displays it can be programmed via RS232, RS485, IRDA, using a PC compatible computer or by IR Remote Control or PC compatible keyboard. The unfiltered display is a blue/green colour and can be made blue or green by fitting a coloured filter.
 Image showing the Welcome VFD.
This is the Welcome VFD. The display unit is the same as the Totem VFD but it is presented in a neat desktop case.
This Totem display has 5 lines of 20 characters. Each character is 26 mm high. A different display board is used but the interface to allow the unit to be programed remains the same as the other VFD displays.
This panel is made from the same display panels as the Totem display at the top of this page. The characters are 15 mm high and each module has 7 lines of 16 characters. Inset into the top right of the picture is a close-up of the display. This demonstrates the possibility of building several separate displays into one box giving a large display packed with information for the public.
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