Full graphics 3m wide by 2m high
Full graphic display at Cardiff Bay, Wales. This display is programmed via a modem link.
This is the outdoor part of the display system that has been installed at Jersey Harbour. The passengers arriving by car can gain information about their crossing as they drive into the car park. The system also has an indoor sign in the main terminal to inform foot passengers about the crossings.
  This is a fully programmable time and temperature display. The sign is a full moving message display made with 480 mm high modules. It is used to provide passing motorists with not only the current time and temperature but also it provides an up to date method of informing them with the cost of rooms.
  Double height Sign Blazer 480 mm high characters.
We can build any of our signs into outdoor cases and the signs can be fitted with high brightness LEDs for easy viewing in sunlight.
Above are two pictures of a sign install in Wales. The display boards were built into a custom enclosure to wrap around the tower.
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