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Change of Company Status and name

A long time with no news updates and now a big piece. After trading for 9 years as C.W Micro-Systems after the sad loss of Mr. John Watson, Robert Rawlings has taken the move to change the company status to a limited company by the name of Signblazer Ltd. Robert is the Managing Director and Darryl Strong is the other director. As this is a status change only we can still offer the great support that we always have and can now move the company forward to the future.


New software for Windows XP

After the release of Windows XP there are new versions of Unisign, for multiline displays, and the scrolling sign software. The updates only affect the visual appearance of the software.


New software for graphic signs

There is now the software for programming our new graphic displays available for download from our web site. It allows up to 200 frames to be designed and transmitted to our graphic signs.



New case for 7 line 16 character VFD Signs

The Welcome VFD sign case has been discontinued. A new case for the 7 line 16 character display has been designed. Suitable for either wall or desk mounting this new case is sure to be popular. It is only 32mm deep so it can sit unobtrusively on any reception desk. The mains and data leads enter the sign through a cut out in the rear of the case to keep the front clear and uncluttered. There are mounting holes provided on the case for either wall mount or desk mount with a small stand. An attractive feature is the area on the front of the case which has been made available to the client for their corporate branding. The case front is flat allowing the easy application of cut vinyl lettering or graphics to customise the display. Another feature to benefit the installer is that the data cable connection is through an RJ45 socket thus allowing easy connection to a building's structured cabling. If required the sign can be programmed using an IR remote keypad.



First news item today.

Using Windows software from C.W. Micro-Systems to control Sign Blazer displays can save on cabling costs and disruption.

The latest development in the Unisign control program which runs under 32bit Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT can communicate with signs over a companies LAN/WAN. There are two ways to do this and best of all the software is free. The system works by running a small (less than 700Kb) program (which is available for download from this site) that converts the network data packets into serial data for signs to receive. The data is sent from the Unisign program version or later (which is available for download from this site) via the network to the sign server program. At the remote end, with the signs connected to the serial port, either the RS232 output from a COM port can be used to drive a single sign or by using an RS232 to RS485 converter many signs can be connected to the PC. The system is easy to set up and is not reliant on a single protocol, either TCP/IP, Novell's IPX/SPX, Xerox Network System XNS Digital's DECnet and others may be used. If this system does not suit the site, there is another way to communicate over the network. As long as the network supports simple file sharing the page files are sent to the remote PC and then sent to the displays themselves. Again this is a simple to set up system which will save time and money.

Download the software now to try it out.

Software for Sign Blazer Displays


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