Above is a seven line sixteen character display made with 50 mm character height modules.
The multiline Signblazer displays are all programmable via keyboard, PC (RS232 and RS485), or infra-red. The memory can hold approximately 100 pages of information. The actual number of pages stored varies with the size of the display. The text is entered into the display in a freeform manner. If you choose to edit the display text with a keyboard plugged into the display then you will see the format as you type it. The text can be made to flash and also the characters can be double width. These attributes operate on a character basis so there are no limitations on what you can display. Various different time and date formats can be displayed.
Each page has a duration to run for (in seconds) so that the timing of the message is up to you. Also the page can be made to run on certain days of the week and between specific dates. If you are really organized you can set the sign up for the coming year with special messages for Easter, Summer holidays, Christmas etc. The sign can be programmed by using a keyboard (standard PC), infra-red remote control or by using a PC. The software on the PC is available in both Windows and DOS format. The Windows software has a WYSIWYG user interface so that you know what the sign will look like when the message is sent to it.
All of the multiline displays that Signblazer Ltd. manufacture in LED, VFD and LCD technologies use the same communications protocol so there is no reason why the different technologies cannot be mixed on the same cabling.

Shown above is the inside part of a sign system for Jersey Harbour. The sign is split into three sections which are independently programmable by the ferry operators. In the case of emergencies the Harbour Master can override the ferry operators messages with a safety message. The display system consists of this display indoors and another similar display outdoors.

"Senior" 50mm LED displays

50mm characters, 5x7 dot matrix

ML1603 3 Lines 16 Characters
ML1604 4 Lines 16 Characters
ML1607 7 Lines 16 Characters
ML2103 3 Lines 21 Characters
ML2104 4 Lines 21 Characters
ML2106 6 Lines 21 Characters
ML2107 7 Lines 21 Characters
ML2603 3 Lines 26 Characters
ML2604 4 Lines 26 Characters
ML2607 7 Lines 26 Characters
ML3207 7 Lines 32 Characters

"Junior" 23 mm LED displays

50mm characters, 5x5 dot matrix

JSB 1604 4 Lines 16 Characters
JSB 1608 8 Lines 16 Characters
JSB 3204 4 Lines 32 Characters
JSB 3208 8 Lines 32 Characters
Typical Viewing distances:
23 mm characters - 50 feet (16 metres)
50mm characters - 100 feet (32 metres)
LED colours:
Red, green or yellow, in wide-angle "super-bright" or narrow angle "ultra-bright" versions.

Page display features

Page control PC software (Dos or Windows)


Timed page sequences
18 display effects (page start/stop)
Over 100 page storage
RS232 or RS485 interface
Optional keyboard control
Optional Infra-red control
Time and date display

Separate addressing for multi-drop applications


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